Follow a quick guide to exploring Best Italian Sparkling Wine

Whether you are living in the USA and an Italian sparkling wines lover? The topic for the Wine and Travel group and wine bloggers is Italian Sparkling Wines. In fact, it’s a magic moment for Italian bubbles in the U.S., particularly in the Holiday season when all the lunches, brunches, and dinners start or finish with a toast to Christmas or the New Year party. Here is a quick guide to exploring the Best Italian Sparkling Wine in your special event.

Italian Sparkling Wine is more exciting

Drinking a glass of Italian Sparkling Wine always lightens anyone’s spirit. It gives the impressions for many occasions like holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. When most wine lovers pop the cork of a favorite bottle of bubbly, but a glass should be poured any time of the week! Similar to Champagne, Italian Sparkling Wine has become synonymous with Prosecco – but that’s not all that the country has to offer when it comes to bubbly and sparkling!

Metodo Classico is the Champenoise style of making sparkling wine, In Italy, they use the same style of charmeuse to make the sparkling wine mainly made out of Pinot noir or Chardonnay like France, but they cannot call it Champagne, since it is not in the Champagne region, so they call it Metodo Classico Lately you find many Producers all over Italy making Metodo Classico out of different grapes, like Aglianico by Carvinio, Erbaloce by Orsallani. Producers like Monsupello makes an outstanding Brut sparkling as well as blanc de blanc, Also MazzolinoMetodo Classico Rose made with 100% Pinot noir from Piemonte is a great example of fantastic and affordable Champenoise style Sparkling wine.

The Italian Sparkling Wine most drunk in the USA?

When you are looking for the Best Italian Sparkling Wine in the U.S. most likely is Prosecco that you’ll easily find everywhere, like mineral water. Undoubtedly, Prosecco is the king of the U.S. market and the price may range from 9 to 18 $ per bottle if we are talking about a DOCG, but it can be varied to lower quality wines for the more commercial. The achievement of Prosecco can be explained surely by its easy-drinking character, the low alcohol level, the aromatic of different grape variety and also by its extreme adaptability. It is a perfect base for several cocktails, to happy hour, or even after dinner punch. Hence, recent statistics presents how young consumers just say less than 35 years old love light body. As the bubbly and fresh wines are more popular than other classic wines; moreover they are inexpensive, aromatic, and easy for drinking.

5 StarWines, 90/100 Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG Superiore Spumante Extra Brut Millesimato “Bosco Di Fratta” Sanfeletto Prosecco.

How Italian Sparkling Wines are made?

Basically, Best Italian Sparkling Wineis made in a variety of styles from many different grape varieties in both rosé & white. In the Metodo Classico technique, the second fermentation of the base wine takes place in the bottle and both Yeasts, as well as sugar, are added during bottling, and that triggers the fermentation method. When the yeast eats up the sugar then produces alcohol and carbon dioxide and releases bubbles in the wine bottle. The bubbles were achieved by bottling the wine before the fermentation ended as carbon dioxide is a natural by-product of the fermentation technique.

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